If you’ve ever been involved in a kick-line that spans a 100 ft (estimate) stage in front of 6,000 (approximation) people with 46 (blind guess) girls dressed in hats with 16 inch (fact… not really) feathers sticking out the top then you already know what being a Rockette is all about. If you’ve ever dressed in a nutcracker costume and done perfectly choreographed and synchronized moving stage formations then you already know what the Radio City Christmas spectacular is all about. For those of you who have not donned a santa costume and danced in a spotlight along side a crowd while a 3-D video projects out onto the walls and appears to be lunging directly at your eyes I will tell you a little bit about the “Christmas Spectacular”. There is a thing about this event that you might want to know before you book your tickets… the use of the word “spectacular” in the name is a little bit of an embellishment. Don’t get me too wrong here, it is a fun event that can be enjoyed by people of all ages but in some ways its like a made for television xmas movie. Those movies are fun (kind of) to watch during the holiday season as long as you kind of understand the paradigm in which you are operating… which is that everybody gets a little unabashedly cheesy around Christmas time.

For the “spectacular” we had seats in the back of the balcony (literally the last row) and that turned out to be a good thing. Why would the last row be a good thing? The law of diminishing returns…the views are so expansive that it really wouldn’t be improved much by getting in the first 10 or 200 rows and would cost much more… The views wrap around the walls and the stage is large so it is a fully encompassing show that plays to every seat in the house.

At this show we saw dancing, singing, acting, santa, and a 3-D element that played nicely with some christmas music coming from a live orchestra. Basically it was a variety christmas show that is as much about the event as the event itself. It is sort of like those things you do around christmas to kind of get yourself in (or keep yourself in) the christmas spirit. A certain electricity exists in a packed house at Radio City with christmas decorations all around and music in the air and it was palpable on this night. So if you are thinking of going to the Christmas Spectacular remember two things… “Spectacular” is a very relative word, and sit in the back row.







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