Ok VYNL, I’m about to be a little rough on you. You were a good restaurant and all but I’m disappointed in you. You are in a pretty good spot, Hells Kitchen is a cool place to go and probably has some of the best restaurants in NYC (maybe) but you led me to believe you were better than you turned out to be. I have walked past your front doors many times on my way to other restaurants in your area and your modern and stylish exterior promised such a unique throwback style interior. It was only a matter of time until your oversized circular window with frost style “VYNL” lettering drew me in, I am after all a big fan of music and your restaurant name led me to believe you were too. I thought we had that thing in common, ya know I actually thought we had several things in common…you like to mix chick and waffles and I do too. To me VYNL, it was a match made in Hell’s Kitchen. When I finally decided to give in to the temptation of your menu that suggests you have numerous cocktails with Rock N Roll flair and gourmet yet not-too self aware food the experience started off well. I walked in and immediately noticed your wall of somewhat modge-podged Rock N Roll posters and flyers, at this point I knew we were going to get along just fine (I grew up in a room pretty much plastered with similar memorabilia). But once I walked past your one wall of Rock I noticed that you were much like all the other semi-predictable restaurants I’ve been to. Your service was good, and thats all. Your food (Mac & cheese/chicken and waffles) was good… just good. I felt no more like a rockstar than usual (which could be classified as very much) and other than the few pieces of pop culture on the walls I really felt as though I was in a… chain (overdramatic fake gasp). If you are a Rock N Roll restaurant that is lost on me. If your food is classic with an edge that was lost on me too. I’m not really sure I know you, but I’m not really sure you know you either. You seem confused. I do appreciate the pretty okay meal and I thank you for that, but I don’t think its gonna work out between us.





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