Is it already 2013? It seems like it was 1984 just yesterday and I was being born. Time gets away from you. I think I should do something completely stupid today and you should too. Do something dumb that confuses somebody, then come back and finish reading this. Seriously.

Now, back to business.

Being in NYC during the end/beginning of the year carries a certain kind of weight, its like the weight of that ball they lower at the stroke of midnight. Speaking of that ball, I’ve been getting asked if I was in Times Square during the whole “ceremony” and I was not. There were over a million people gathered in the 25 degree weather. From what I’ve heard the crowd started gathering in the mid-morning to wait throughout the day for all the excitement. These are just a few reasons that I wasn’t too attracted to that particular event. I’ve heard that some people have it on their “bucket list” to be in Time Square at the stoke of midnight on the last day of the year and to that I say… huh?

New Years Eve tales are about a dime a million (new slang) and they are all the same in one way or another so I won’t go in to what I did in my last few hours of the year other than to include pictures. What I will tell you is a short story about my first few minutes of 2013…

Now before I go on I will say that I am not really some sort of animal loving person. I have no problem with them and I find some of them to be cool and others not, however there is no over-arching emotion toward animals. The best way to sum up my feelings toward animals would be this: I don’t own or aspire to own any animals, yet I think its messed up when people run over turtles.

So while at this public park watching fireworks at about 12:07 a.m. I see a couple of people sitting on a park bench with a dog (Labrador of the Golden variety) that is sort of standing triumphantly on this park bench (back legs on the ground, front legs on the bench, head high). He almost seemed pompous but I’m not sure if it was just me projecting. So I say “look at that proud canine” fairly audibly and then I kind of look at the dog then walk a few steps away and decide to take a picture of him. However because of the time of night I would be required to use the flash feature on my camera (phone) to get a good picture of this particular dog. I walk up to the dog and clearly take a flash photo of him, at this point the owners seem slightly confused and visibly uncomfortable (sort of looked away as if to be ashamed to even be a part of this insanity). I went on with the picture feeling that the dog was worthy of a picture even if the owners didn’t agree. I did not at any point talk to or attempt to pet the canine (this fact may have hurt my case) and walked away. Roughly 38 minutes later we were walking around in a totally different area and saw one dress shoe sitting next to a mailbox. Just one shoe, by itself… one. This, we thought, was strange. I decided to take a picture of this shoe and so I leaned down to get eye level with it and all this time later who should walk by but the dog and his handlers. They gave me a skeptical look and hurried past just as the flash was going off on this lone dress shoe. They scurried off before I could say “every dog has his day, or maybe more appropriately…year”.

How would you feel about someone blatantly taking a picture of your dog without first consulting you? Its certainly no more invasive than outright ownership. Would you rather someone take a picture of you on a park bench or own you and keep you on a leash? If I’m given these options I’m smiling and saying “cheese”.

2013 I think, is starting off well.








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