Calling Charles Darwin! Calling Charles Darwin!! I’ve found a store just for you! Well…maybe. Coming from the midwest I’m used to seeing dead animals mounted on walls and that sort of thing, so walking into Evolution in Soho I felt cozy as a clam…albeit a dead clam. Evolution is a novelty (I think) store in Soho, Manhattan. This store sells death, but death in a good way. Ever wished you had a cave bear skeleton for your living room (For any New York based readers: A living room is a large (yes large) space in a house for lounging and watching television etc. You know it as a bath/kitchen/bedroom) or a raccoon penis for the ole mantle? Evolution is just the place for you, they have thousands of different historic pieces like stuffed Ginea Pig, a rhino skull, pinned butterflies, and some dinosaur remains. This is the type of small store that is so packed full of interesting exotic stuff that you can walk in and stay for 45 minutes before you realize there is an upstairs. The staff is pretty passionate about the inventory though, so be slightly careful before you minimize the importance of a tropical frog. The pictures will tell a better story than I could so feel free to check em out and pick out your favorite stuffed, skinned, canned, jarred, or pinned animal!












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